Waterfall Tours



This is a "must do" if you are a nature lover. Walk through the cocoa plantation and then trek through a lush tropical forest to climb the three tiers falls.       


                                                         $65 USD per person  


                                                          11.00 a.m. -   2:00 pm


The Mixed Dormitory has a private bathroom with shower.

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The Mixed Dormitory has a private bathroom with shower. The room can host up to six persons. We accept parties of mixed, male, or female groups depending on prior arrangement.

The shared living area, overlooking the front garden, has a sofa. The shared kitchen area includes stovetop, oven, microwave, toaster, kettle, fridge, freezer, and all cooking/eating utensils.

​​​            Maximum capacity:
                   6 persons 

Bioluminescence tour in buccoo

Bioluminescence Tour in Buccoo

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism produced by energy
released from chemical reactions occurring inside (or ejected by) the organisms. These glowing
plankton will be the most spectacular thing you'll ever see.


  $85 USD per person  


                                                          7.00 pm    9.30 pm                                  


Scuba Diving


               Diving rates                                                 Equipment rental

1-5 Dives   $45.00 US per dive                      BD & Regulator   $10.00 US                                                              

6-9 Dives   $42.00 US per dive                      Fins & Mask         $10.00 US

10 or more$38.00US  per dive                     Wet Suit               $10.00 US       

Night dive  $55.00 US per dive                     Full equipment   $25.00 US

             Diving categories

Discover Scuba  $85.00 US                  PLEASE ENQUIRE ABOUT OTHER COURSES

Open water dive $450.00 US 

Referral   $ 275.00 US

Advanced $ 370.00 US

Rescue Diver $450.00 US  

Emergency 1st re ponder $125.00 US 



The Sweet Breeze Maria Room $53.00


The Sweet Breeze Maria Room is a private double room with a very nice view in 3 different directions, overlooking the back garden, golf course, and ocean. It is desinged for having a sweet breeze when opening the windows. The shared living area, overlooking the front garden, has a sofa. The shared kitchen area includes stovetop, oven, microwave, toaster, kettle, fridge, freezer, and all cooking/eating utensils.

The bedroom has a comfortable queen size bed, air conditioner, and a private bathroom with shower.

Maximum capacity:
2 persons 


Experience This Fish Tobago packge

Weekend package with room and car 4 days plus breakfas

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A weekend package with room and car  4 days plus breakfas . FREE WiFi

and a Nylon Pool Tour



The origin of Tobago

Tobago is an autonomous island within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, with a population of 60,876. It is located 35 kilometers northeast of the mainland of Trinidad and southeast of Grenada, about 160 kilometers off the coast of northeast Venezuela. According to the earliest English-language source cited in the Oxford English Dictionary, Tobago bore a name that has become the English word tobacco.



Tobago is just 8 miles wide and 26 miles long, but it can take a couple of hours to get from one end to the other. The most developed areas of Tobago are in the Lowlands - in the southwest. Here you'll find ANR Robinson International Airport, Buccoo Reef, the fine white sandy beaches of Pigeon Point and Store Bay, and Scarborough – the colorful capital and port.

Tobago's eastern coast, pounded by the Atlantic Ocean, is dotted with charming fishing villages, of which Speyside is undoubtedly the most popular. The north Caribbean coast has many wonderful coral sand beaches and charming fishing villages, with Castara being the clear favourite. Beautiful sandy beaches like Englishman's Bay, Parlatuvier and Bloody Bay are often deserted except for a few fishermen. The most northerly of the villages along this coast, Charlotteville, lies where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet, and, like Speyside, has impressive coral reefs, many within swimming distance of the beach and ideal for diving and snorkelling.

The eastern side of the island rises steeply into the hills that make up the central Main Ridge. The main rainforest is located here and falls sharply away to the palm-fringed, sandy beaches below. Dripping with moisture and shrouded in mist, the rainforest is a paradise for naturalists and birdwatchers.

Finally, there's Little Tobago – about 1.5 miles (2.5km) out to sea and just 1.3 miles (2km) long at its widest. Little Tobago is an uninhabited seabird sanctuary off Speyside. 




Today, the population of Tobago is Afro-Tobagonian – descendants of those slaves, and a different cultural make-up to the larger island of Trinidad which is mostly of East Indian descent. Tobagonians are very proud of their culture and history namely The Tobago Heritage Festival that occurs every year from the middle of July to early August. 


  During the year each Community has its own festival. Each Villages have different events which range from ole time mas, ole time dance, old time wedding, limbo and jig to stick fighting.  

Tradition and celebration and commemoration festivals are a big part of Tobago life too. Every Easter there’s a now famous Goat Race held in Tobago. 

Tobago villagers are close knit communities, sharing food – a lot of which they grow themselves – and resources and looking out for one another. The island is developing a popular and successful calendar of events that include power boat racing, a prestigious international cycle race, yacht regatta, and food festivals, to name a few.



Although twinned politically with Trinidad,  the separate island of Tobago is very much her own person. Carnival in Tobago has all the excitement of Trinidad’s, but is more accessible, less commercial, and more of a ‘join in with us’ spectacle than a ‘look at us’ day out.

If Tobago could be described as a person, we’d say she’s beautiful, unspoilt, friendly, but a little shy, respectful, patient, and smiles a lot.



The angelfish

Fish Tobago Tours offer fantastic sportfishing charters, taking you to some of the best spots around in search of monster fish both inshore and offshore. Stay in the shallows to battle all your favorite fly fishing species, from Bonefish and Permit to monster Tarpon and Jacks. Otherwise, head offshore in search of big game pelagics like Marlin and Tuna.

You will be spending the day aboard a clean, modern boat which has been custom-built to get the most out of Tobago’s varied fishing grounds. Inshore, her shallow draft means you can fish the flats with ease, while her wide design and ample fishing space let you fight fish with confidence offshore.

The boat is equipped with quality tackle for a range of fishing techniques. Fly fishing equipment is not included, however, so be sure to bring your own for this style of angling. As well as the fishing gear, you will be given a selection of drinks and snacks to keep you going, and your catch can even be cooked up back at the Fish Tobago guesthouse if you’re staying there.

Captain Brandon loves working with anglers from around the world and can tailor his trips to your experience level and focus. For novice anglers, he will be on hand to teach you the basics and get you reeling in that passion-sparking first fish. If you’re an experienced angler, he will do everything possible to put you on the fish of a lifetime, whether you’re inshore or offshore.

Incredible fishing aboard a custom-built boat in some of the most beautiful waters on the planet? Sounds almost too good to be true! This is exactly what you will get onboard, though, so get down to the beach and get ready for the perfect day on the water.

Experience This



Enjoy the best fishing in the Caribbeans with our experienced staffSo if you want to experience a great saltwater adventure, in a part of the world where “fishing pressure” has no meaning yet, this is your chance. And that’s with a serious discount, too! @

Fly fish six long days for bluefin trevallies, red snappers and hard fighting GTs, and experience some of the world’s best fly fishing for tricky triggerfish.



We'll take you to the best Coral Reefs around. We do daily trips where we go sightseeing and snorkeling with a speedboat along the Caribbean coastline. See dolphins, turtles and manta rays. Snorkel at three fantastic points in Buccoo Reef. Light refreshments will be provided on board.  We're looking forward to seeing you for this fun and exciting tour.

Tour around Tobago


We will show the best beaches, views and landmarks. You will sit back, have a drink and enjoy! You get to travel the most beautiful historical places of Tobago. We take you to visit all the nicest and most famous beaches, including Englishman's Bay and Castara beach. Also included in this tour is a visit to the rainforest and the waterfalls, not to mention bird watching. Dinner at the beach and drinks are included.


Buccoo Tour

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A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.